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Feel free to explore a range of invaluable resources beyond Sex Week to support your sexual health, relationships, and well-being. These campus resources are here to help.


In need of safer sex supplies, such as external and internal condoms, oral dams, or lube? The Center for Wellness & Health Promotion offers these to students for free anytime their office is open! Their page also holds information to help navigate questions you may have related to sexual health.


OGE uses a multipronged approach to addressing issues of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. You may choose to engage in one or more of the offerings provided by their office. These include:

  • Prevention and education initiatives

  • Support through confidential SHARE counseling

  • Making a disclosure to a Title IX resource

  • Submitting an anonymous disclosure

  • Filing a formal complaint


SHARE Counselors offer a range of support to all members of the Harvard community including students, staff, faculty, and post-doctoral fellows impacted by harm or who are supporting someone. This support includes:

  • Trauma-informed counseling

  • Education and support groups

  • 24/7 confidential hotline (617) 495-9100

  • Community referrals

  • Advocacy


RESPONSE is a group of undergraduates professionally trained to provide peer counseling on issues of rape, abuse, intimate violence, psychological and physical harassment, and relationships.  



Contact Peer Counseling is a nonjudgmental and confidential peer counseling service for Harvard undergraduates. Contact is here to talk about any issue including LGBTQIA+ identities, all genders, sexes, sexualities, and relationships.

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